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Jon Jones vs Cyril Gane: An Exciting Fight

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Its UFC 285 fight week. I am pumped for this card. I am incredibly fascinated by this main events the return of Jon Jones against Cyril gone. It’s one of those fights where I just have no idea what’s going to happen.

I don’t know. I have no idea what to expect from John Jones. We kind of know what to expect from Cyril Gane. And even then, we don’t even fully know what to expect from Cyril Gane in this  fight and freaking John Jones who hasn’t fought three years who put on all this weight. The size is mass has gotten so much stronger. I’ve talked to people from both sides of the equation.

The Jones side saying this dude is going to surprise a lot of people. He basically moves and does everything exactly the same.

But he’s just much bigger and stronger now than the Cyril Gane side is or the better strikers already we’ve been ready for John for a while since after the title we’ve ossified. We’ve been putting our name out there. 

Letting the UFC know hey, something happens and Francis doesn’t resign. We will be ready to go. So they’ve been preparing for this for a while. They get the shot, and it’s all gonna go on. 

Saturday at the T mobile arena in Las Vegas and I cannot wait. Of course we’ll be having the UFC 285 watch party myself. JC some special guests joining us on Zoom. It just got to be ridiculous to watch and I’m very excited about that. 

Very excited for the watch. Party. We have a lot happened this past weekend. In the world of Mixed Martial Arts one championship out of a pretty fun event for ratio down drudge. It’s a TKO victory over John Lineker corner stops the fight. 

You love to see it. I thought it was the right thing. To do. John was in I mean, John is the kind of guy who can land a big shot and change the tide very quickly, but it just didn’t seem to be his night. So kudos to his corner for stopping it. We had Bellator 291 in Dublin.

Very tough to watch early. She’s I think I turned it on. Because I was excited for the prelims.

I was excited for the crowd. I was excited for some of the names of Ron there and I missed the Magomed Shara pop fight which I regret. Admittedly, and from there, man, it was just tough decision after decision big favourites who were supposed to just run through their opponents didn’t. It just was tough.

18 fights is a lot if the 18 fights in the prelims went the way we all thought they would, it would be a little more digestible, but it was tough, but the card ended great, great performance from Jeremy Kennedy. 

You’d have to say and think that he’s probably going to get a title shot after that performance. And what a performance from Yaroslav Amazon, holy cow. You don’t just do that to Logan sorely. 

The man did it. incredible performance, especially with everything that man has been going through for the past year and to do that for his country and everything else just unbelievable stuff. There’s a lot of chatter with Bellator right now and I saw some people talking about it. A lot of the folks who work for Bellator do PR for them.

And some of the people that I saw feel like Bellator has at least a case to be made to have the best fighter in three divisions right now. 205 with Vadim M cough 185 with Johnny Kaplan, and 170 for Yaroslav Amis off. 

I’m not ready to go there with either of those guys. But there is a conversation to be had for all three of those guys that I will admit, I think Amazon is a little bit of a tougher one because welterweight such a deep division. 

180 fives interesting because there are some tough matches for Johnny Eblen. But to me if Johnny Eblen fought Alex Pereira right now, I think that’s a competitive fight and one that Johnny Eblen could win.

And I just don’t know if it even could be Erie but man he’s Bellator is at a good spot there. They have a very top heavy roster. Some good prospects on the come up. They’re in a good spot.

 They’re in a good spot a couple years from now, might be looking at Bellator a little bit differently. They’re back on March 10. Beginning of the lightweight Grand Prix. It was fun amalgamate offers Benson Henderson, excited to get that one. 

rockin and rollin and see how this light weight Grand Prix goes. Then the UFC had a card. Then UFC Vegas 70 a weird one a wacky one, where we lost the main events right when the main card started, found out that Alexander Volkoff was out he was hurt. And I’m sorry. 

terrible cough with him I talked about it’s been a day people right? Nikita Krylov tried to say grab was Ill fight with Ryan span was off. Tough hang for Ryan spin spoke to the media afterwards tough to watch Brandon now and Germany’s get moved to the main events rented out looks incredible submits Andre Munis gets it done huge win for him. Tatiana Suarez came back.

Gets the Ghillie taps out Montana Dela Rosa, very intrigued to see where she goes. If they just want to check her right up top. Give her a title fight give her number one contender fight or if they want to. Maybe slow roll her a tad. 

She’s dropping back down to 115 wasn’t a terrible car to watch Trevor peak wonderful Mike MLOK great performance. The Sakai maze fight was what we kind of expected it to be. Jordan love it going out there finishing people which strikes Joseph lackey gets an easy submission when we had Naruto Alia in bite gates in the first bite of the card. 

It was a weird one. But we just needed to get through that and now we’re on the road to UFC 285 And then on Sunday, Jake Paul loses his first fight to Tommy fury wasn’t the most spectacular fight of all time. But Tommy fury goes out gets done.

Jake Paul suffers a loss and I don’t know where the hell we go. So that’s the weekend that was there’s other things that have gone on as well. A lot of clips that have gone viral a lot of different things. So let’s see what you guys want to talk about.

Tatyana Suarez came back and got a second round finish. I kind of expected her to finish in the first round, but I’m not going to bother because this is our first night and for you. But what do you think about throwing her in there? I would say just throwing in the top six. But Yan John nine or Mackenzie Dern somewhere around there just to get closer to the Skyway belt. Thanks.

Before a number one contender fight let you see if she can make the weight. Let’s see if she can perform to the same abilities with a weight cut and yawns tough. John will go right after young will offer her some challenges. And you’d be on John you’re pretty damn good fighter. 

So we already know takedown is really good. But again that layoff in the fight winning pretty much exactly the way I thought it was gonna go. I think I bet she’s gonna feel it out a little bit. Montana’s down the scrap. 

She wasn’t gonna be shy about fighting Tatianna in any way shape or form. And that’s kind of the fight we got. Tatianna needed a minute to get to get rolling. And then once she did was off to the races. She is just so strong and she’s a problem. 

She’s a problem. So there’s really no wrong way to Booker. But if I have the matchmaking book, I’m going with Yan Jonan first and then we go from there.

I wanted to talk about Trevor Pete. I mean, this man. I mean, he gained a lot of fans after his performance on Saturday. Demand was throwing hammer fist from standing up. I mean, I’ve never seen that before. 

I feel like Terapeak is going to be Fitzgerald must see television next time. He comes on. It’s a shame that he was on the effects but I looked at the calendar and it was no Apex chords for at least two months. I think the next one is April 21. Pavlovich vs. Plates. 

I want to get your opinion on not to fight but what’s your opinion on the EEOC is staying away from Apex courts for at least two months. And I know we have John Jones coming to fight this week, but with the three P reviews that are coming on, if you had to pick one to watch, and then you want to watch like partially and then want to throw away which one would it be between 8586 and 87? Alright, thanks.

Which one to throw away? Wow. I like all those cards honestly.

So it’s tough.

I mean, the one I’m definitely watching his 285 That’s the one I’m watching for sure.

I mean, they’re both they’re both really interesting. And they both have storylines galore. They both have interesting main events. They both have interesting co main events.

 The crowd obviously is great. I just ate 287 just a better top to bottom line up with bigger names across the board. So in plus, I mean Chris Barnett is always the tiebreaker to me, via Chris Barnett on the card, and it’s close. 

Chris wins. Chris puts you over the top. So Michael Kassa versus lead gen Liang might be like, early, early, prelim. It’s this card’s ridiculous 27 it’s stacked 26 is good. I mean, gatekeepers Eve is ridiculous. 

The main events compelling, there’s other good fights on there. The crowd is going to be on fire. But if we’re just talking about because I’ll be doing watch parties for all these so I don’t get to really get that whole ambiance with the crowd. 

So I’ve just which fights am I going to watch without hearing the ambiance of the building? To 87 is a better card to 86 but 285 is definitely the one I’m picking to watch overall, just because of this main event. And the fascination I have with what friggin John Jones is gonna show up. 

Hello. What’s up, man? What’s up man? Hope you’re having a heck of an afternoon. make this quick. I saw two rumoured matchups floating around. I want to get your thoughts on there’s actual smoke between done happening and yeah, just your thoughts if they do happen. 

So I saw Patty versus drew Dover and Ilya Torrio versus the Korean zombie. So I don’t think there’s any truth to the Dover Patty thing Patty still hurt. Patty just did an interview with me junkie and said he’s kind of eyeballing the Jared Gordon rematch. Jared is obviously Fabi fighting Bobby green coming up. 

So if Jared wins he wants to kind of run that one back. And he’s kind of in that position where if Jared does when he gets to kind of call the shots, and that’s probably the fight they’ll make, but I’ve talked to some people about that news to them. 

Again, you just got to be careful because a lot of these like Social Media Console just report fights as if they’re done. And that’s not always true. Much like the aliens or a Korean zombie fight. I’ve heard nothing about that at all.

There’s talks about maybe doing a card in South Korea on April 29. I’ve heard nothing about that. At all.

reached out to multiple people and they all told me kind of the same thing like That’s That’s news to me. So and that kind of goes back to full quarter sports about the lineup here.

There is no Apex card on the books at all for the next several, several weeks. There on the road through April 15. April 22 does not have a location yet. So we don’t know if it’s apex or not April 29. No location to ADA. No location. I’m hearing Vegas for 288 But I don’t know for sure.

There’s been different rumblings of stuff but I’m told the favourite is Las Vegas. And I believe Charles old bears like social media manager also tees Las Vegas but no idea where that one’s taking place and

may 13 is Anthony Smith, Johnnie Walker. That might I don’t know. We’re not gonna have a fix for a while. That makes me happy.

Because you deserve it. So happy birthday. To John. John. I’m not concerned about John. I’m not concerned about John.

From all accounts this new deal that he got is for really good money. You seem very happy with that money. So I’m not concerned about him being zero gun just being like okay, I’m not fighting until I get $100 million I don’t think that’s gonna happen I think he’s happy with where he is that seems that way anyways, least that’s what do you say? And if he wins, like the steep a fights right there, I think they’ll go right to that. And if he loses that’s when things are interesting, but I still think they can go right to the C band play. I still think they can go to that because you can call what it is.

John was preparing for Francis got zero on seven weeks totally different guy persuaded heavyweight, knocking the rust off three year layoff all that John Jones versus Steve Vai even if John loses is still a paper remain events and it’s still a compelling fight so I don’t think there’s gonna be any kind of like financial holdup or anything, eventually get turned up. I know. 

So who knows a different story. Because he’s done it before. And I just feel like he’s gonna say I ain’t fighting anybody until unless it’s volkanovski. I could totally see him doing that.

I totally see him doing that. But if I’m him, I think he’s would be insane to do that. Because the biggest fight in the division for that title is waiting in the wings by the name of Sean O’Malley. 

And you can feel however you want to feel about the man but Shawn draws eyeballs and he draws numbers and I felt out Joe fumbled the bag right after he beat TJ you should have focused all his attention. 

On Sean O’Malley right after he BPR Yan not just made him an option but the option and I think that hurt him now he’s gonna fight sudo which, as a fight I’m like, I’m fine with like, I’m fat. I’m interested in the fight. 

It’s just the political BS that Henry likes to put out there that drives you crazy and is my concern. I just don’t want to see him be like locked up. I’m not defending the belt. I’m going up to fight volkanovski and I will not accept anything else. 

And if he doesn’t get it, he could just walk away again these are my concerns. But I think having shot I’ve liked done it a little bit because I think having Shawn in the position that he’s in, kind of almost forces his hand to have to fight shot on that like it kind of forces the hand because how can you turn that down to go fight bulk? That’s insane.

Right? Yep. My bad. Sorry about that. Oh, good. What, what’s up, man? So I have two questions for two guys that are going on completely different paths. For Jalen Turner one. 

Where do you think he is put if he’s been in game right? Because game is definitely different than poker obviously less of a name, but that is some serious, serious power to put on your resume. I mean, I think there’s no way other than a top five shot there. 

And then also Cody gar brand from Cleveland. So a couple people know Cody and we’re all very, very interested to see how he does do you think there’s any chance he even makes it back into the ranking and any type of relevancy of any kind, just curious on those two guys because they’re going kind of different paths. 

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